Xuan Wheel S1 (Bicycle Wheel LED)

RM 199.00


Lighten The World

The coolest intelligent bicycle light which supports color display, app-controlling and data logging. Bring you extraordinary experience while ensure your 
riding safely in the night.


Amazing technology

       XuanWheel is an intelligent bicycle light consisting of two pairs of highlighted LED lights, which can be quickly assembled to the bicycle wheels applying an original mode of buckle structure.You can feel free to externalize your creation with the help of XuanWheel app and display whatever patterns you can conceive on the bicycle wheels.


So easy to be cool


     Can’t be easier. It only takes 3 steps to transform your bicycle wheels into XuanWheel.


App-control:release your inspiration


Covered both on Android and iOS platform. Transfer your photos through Bluetooth. There are lots of ways to have fun, just use your imagination and enjoy freely.


Quantities of pictures uploaded freely

Phone photo album:
free & personalized


Cloud download:
quantity & quality


Joys originates from originality

DIY is a life style. Without any words,you can express your attitude with ease. Convey affect to others in your own way.

It’s simpler and more distinctive to show what’s in your mind than to shout it out.


Record you real-time velocity and seize the moment when you reach the highest speed. Also it records your riding time and mileage.



Covered with waterproof coating made of epoxies. No need to worry even if you exercise in the rain.



Equipped with buckles of proprietary technology, XuanWheel will join together with cycle wheels accurately. It stays steady no matter how rough the road is. Or even when you are doing a lot of strenuous actions.



It won’t stop until you do. Customized rechargeable polymer lithium battery of 1300mAh. The battery provides continuous supply of energy. It will last up to 10 hours after completely charging. For the convenience of users, there is a 2 meters charger wire.




STM32 MPU of Cortex-M3 core
Imported driver chip of NXP semiconductor.

Product color:Black

Single arm’size:505mm*70mm*28mm
Scope of application:26 inches and above (The outside diameter of the hub must be less than 38mm)
OS requirement: Andriod 4.3 and above or iphone 4S and above
Control method:mobile phone control through Bluetooth 4.0
APP support:YES
DIY support:YES
Pattern number: Beyond your imagination
Gross weight:385g Net weight:140g
Speed requirement:16km/h-55km/h
Battery capacity:1300mAh
Battery working time:9-20hours
Nominal voltage:3.7V
Charge mode:USB
Charge time:2.5hours
LED number:96
LED colors: Red,Green,Blue
Double side display support:YES
Packing: 1 Piece
Package size:550mm*110mm*50mm